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PN: 02310MHS

Huawei original 40G 1310nm 10km QSFP+ optical transceiver, LC connector, solo packed, apply for huawei switch, no alarm

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DDM Test

DDM Test x

We will test each batch of optical modules and truthfully inform customers the test result if optical module has Alarm or No Alarm on different equipment to avoid compatibility problems. Learn More

TX & RX Power Test

TX/RX Power Test x

TX/RX power test ensures that the optical power are within the thresholds; remove the aged optical module with power loss, and the fake module with counterfeit label.


40G 1310nm 10km SM SFP+

Huawei original QSFP-40G-LR4

Solo sealed pack

Without alarm

Apply to Huawei SX700, SX300 series campus switch CE series data center switch

Tech Specs
40G Transceiver Information 
Comon information:
Transceiver Type 40GBASE_LR_QSFP+
Connector Type LC
Wavelength (nm) 1310
Transfer Distance (m) 10000 (9um)
Digital Diagnostic Monitoring Yes
Vendor Name Huawei
Vendor Part Number 02310MHS
Diagnostic information:
Temperature (°C) 24.20
Temp High Threshold (°C) 80.00
Temp Low Threshold (°C) -10.00
Voltage (V) 3.39
Volt High Threshold (V) 3.46
Volt Low Threshold (V) 3.13
Bias Current (mA) 28.10 / 28.16 (Lane0 / Lane1)
  28.16 / 28.19 (Lane2 / Lane3)
Bias High Threshold (V) 75.00
Bias Low Threshold (V) 10.00
RX Power (dBM) -40.00 / -40.00 (Lane0 / Lane1)
  -40.00 / -40.00 (Lane2 / Lane3)
RX Power High Warning (dBM) 2.29
RX Power Low Warning (dBM) -11.49
RX Power High Threshold (dBM) 5.29
RX Power Low Threshold (dBM) -14.49
TX Power (dBM) -0.81 / -0.94 (Lane0 / Lane1)
  -1.22 / -0.63 (Lane2 / Lane3)
TX Power High Warning (dBM) 2.29
TX Power Low Warning (dBM) -7.00
TX Power High Threshold (dBM) 5.29
TX Power Low Threshold (dBM) -10.00


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