How to load the 100G license on Huawei S6730 Switch

Huawei S6730-H series full-featured 10 GE switches are Huawei’s new-generation fixed switches, to provide 10 GE downlink ports as well as 100 GE uplink ports. QSFP28 interfaces support 40GE and 100GE optical module auto-sensing, but 40GE by default, can work as 100GE interfaces after activate the license. In this article, we are teach you how to load the 100G license on the Huawei S6730 switch.

First Login Through the Console Port

You can log in to a switch that is powered on for the first time through the console port from a PC.


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Pre-configuration Tasks

Before logging in to a device through the console port, you have completed the following tasks:

  • Power on the switch.
  • Prepare a console cable.
  • Prepare the terminal emulation software.

For details about how to use specific terminal emulation software, see the related software user guide or online help.


Connect the switch to a PC using a console cable. The RJ45 connector connects to the switch’s console port, and the DB9 connector connects to the PC’s serial port (COM)

Figure 1 Connecting to the switch through the console port

console port

If a maintenance terminal (PC) does not have a DB9 serial port, purchase a USB-to-DB9 cable that has a DB9 male connector with nuts. Connect the DB9 female connector of the console cable to the DB9 male connector, and connect the USB connector to the USB port of the maintenance terminal.

Start the terminal emulation software on the PC. Create a connection, select the connection port, and set communication parameters.

Ensure that the communication parameters you set in the terminal emulation software are consistent with the default parameter settings of the switch’s console port.

Table 1 Default settings for the switch’s console port
Parameter Default Setting
Baud rate 9600 bit/s
Flow control No flow control
Parity No parity check
Stop bits 1
Data bits 8
User name admin

Because flow control is not performed on the device by default, you need to deselect RTS/CTS in the software; otherwise, commands cannot be entered. Take the 3rd-party SecureCRT as an example to introduce:


  1. The following information then will be displayed, prompting you to enter a user name and password. The default user name for the first login is admin and the default password is (The following output is only for reference.)

Login authentication   Username:admin Password:Warning: The default password poses security risks.The password needs to be changed. Change now? [Y/N]: Please enter old password: Please enter new password: Please confirm new password: The password has been changed successfully<HUAWEI>

  • After the first login, you must change the default password. For security purposes, change the password periodically.
  • In interactive mode, the entered password is not displayed on the terminal screen.

Configure ETH interface IP address,in order to load License file.

In CRT software(or other emulation software),display the below command:


[huawei]interface ethernet 0/0/0

[huawei-ethernet]ip address

! The IP address here is only used to configure the management network port, keep it in the same network segment as the PC network port.


[huawei-aaa]local-user admin password irr Huawei@123

[huawei-aaa]local-user admin service-type telnet terminal http

[huawei-aaa]local-user admin privilege level 15





Load the license through the ETH Port

Connect the network cable, one end to the ETH network port of the switch (below the console port), and another end to the network port of the operating computer.

After configuring the IP address of the ETH port in the previous operation, you can use a browser (Chrome or Firefox browser is recommended) to log in to the switch, and enter: or Https://

If a security warning pops up, select continue to enter the login interface.

After entering the account and password, enter the management interface

Click Maintenance–>License, to load the license, and select the license file corresponding to the switch in the pop-up window.

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