How to Upgrade Low-end Switches APP System through BOOTROM Menu?

Do you have Huawei S1700 S2700 S3528 series switch or such low-end switches in your network, and do you have a plan to upgrade their APP systems? If yes, you can upgrade the APP system through BOOTROM Menu. About the detailed operation, you can refer to below contents.

1.  Networking and demand information

pc and sw.png

a.  Networking demand

Connect PC and switch with a Console cable and Ethernet cable


b.  Configuration environment

Upgrade switch APP system via BOOTROM menu on the PC

Setup FTP or TFTP server in the PC, which is convenient to file transfer.

2.  Operation procedures

Restart Huawei switch and enter into BOOTROM menu at the same time.

Connect Console cable and Ethernet cable well between switch and PC, and the switch config page is shown on the Monitor console software on the PC. Generally, the Baud rate is 9600, but there will be slight difference due to different switch models.

a.  Restart switch (below is an example of S3528P)

restart S3528P

Press <Ctrl + B> to enter Boot Menu (if you miss this interface, please restart again the switch, otherwise it will enter unzip procedure and cannot enter Boot Menu.

b.  Enter the Boot Rom menu

There is no Boot Rom password by default, and if you setup a password for Boot Rom, then input that password to enter.

c.  Enter the Boot Rom upgrade menu

S3528P boot menu.png

Choose “1.Download application file to flash”

d. Select File Transfer mode

S3528P file transfer.png

Here we choose FTP mode

e. Upgrade BOOTROM

S3528P upgrade bootrom.png

Set IP address, user name and password and download file

S3528P upgrade.png

f. Restart the equipment

S3528P reboot.png

Choose “0”to rebootthe switch and its APP system is upgraded successfully.

These procedures of upgrading APP system via BOOTROM Menu apply to Huawei low-end switch such S1700 S2700 S3700 series switch, but no restriction for these switches with different versions.

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