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Huawei OptiXstar K662c

Huawei OptiXstar K662c

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Huawei Original OptiXstar K662c AX3000Mbps dual-band 11ax WiFi 6 GPON Edge ONT&WiFi 6 Mesh Router with GE or PON or WiFi+3GE+2.4GHz&5GHz WiFi 6, 5dbi



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OEM Supported

OEM Supported x

OEM supported, offering fully customized LOGO and WebUI, GPON and EPON, APC and UPC, etc. to meet customer's personalized needs.

Reliable PCB Board

Reliable PCB board x

ONT PCB board goes through comprehensive tests and quality inspections at each step of the manufacturing process to assure the ONT we provided are highly reliable.

FAQ of Huawei GPON ONT

After reading this article, hope you can find a GPON ONT that more suitable for your needs, and hope these common FAQ will assist you to find the solution of your problem

Huawei Original OptiXstar K662c AX3000Mbps dual-band 11ax WiFi 6 GPON Edge ONT/WiFi 6 Mesh Router with GE or PON or WiFi+3GE+2.4GHz&5GHz WiFi 6, 5dbi
Strong applicability, can be switched to GPON WiFi 6 ONT or WiFi 6 Mesh router to use
MIMO 2×2 MIMO (2.4GHz&5GHz)
IEEE 802.11 ax (2.4GHz&5GHz)
128MB Flash,256MB RAM
600 Mbps (2.4GHz)+2400 Mbps (5GHz)
Network side: GE or PON or WiFi
User side: 3GE+2.4GHz&5GHz WiFi 6
Connector type: SC/UPC
Antenna Gain: 5dBi
GPON/EPON Supported
Wavelength: upstream 1310nm, downstream 1490nm
Huawei OptiXstar K662c is a dual-band edge ONT/Router that supports WiFi 6 and ultra-broadband access through Ethernet/WiFi/PON upstream technology, providing gigabit dual-band WiFi 6 and gigabit Ethernet ports for users. 
· New generation WiFi 6 wireless technology MU-MIMO
· Support PON upstream, FTTR evolution (cooperate with main ONT)
· VR/4K over WiFi
· 160MHz bandwidth
· Strong anti-interference, wide coverage, self-healing network


Tech Specs
Wi-Fi Specifications
Supported protocol IEEE 802.11 ax (2.4GHz&5GHz)
Antenna gain 5dBi
MIMO 2×2 MIMO (2.4GHz&5GHz)
Air interface rate

600 Mbps (2.4GHz)

2400 Mbps (5GHz)

Others 1024-QAM, 160MHz bandwidth, WPA3, DL MU MIMO
Interface parameters
PON ports GPON/EPON supported
Wavelength: upstream 1310nm, downstream 1490nm
Gigabit Ethernet MAC address restrictions
MAC address learning
Support 10Mbit/s, 100Mbit/s, 1000Mbit/s self-adaptive
Dimensions (height × width × depth) 35mm×195mm×125mm
Power supply 12V DC, 1 A
Max power assumption < 12W
Storage 128MB Flash,256MB RAM 
Antenna type Four external antennas
Ports Network side: GE or PON or Wi-Fi
User side: 3GE+2.4GHz&5GHz Wi-Fi 6

Q: Can I use OptiXstar K662c as both WIFI 6 GPON ONT and WIFI 6 Router?

A: Yes, Huawei K662c can be said to be the most applicable gigabit optical terminal. When you don't use it as an Edge ONT, you can switch to use it as a WIFI6 wireless router.


Q: Does K662c support GPON or EPON upstream access?

A: Yes, Huawei OptiXstar K662c supports GPON or EPON and the interface type is SC/UPC.


Q: What is the major difference between WIFI 6 HN8546X6 and K662c?

A: Huawei OptiXstar HN8546X6 is WiFi 6 XG-PON ONT while Huawei OptiXstar K662c is WiFi 6 GPON ONT&WiFi 6 Router.

Q: Is Wi-Fi 6 OptiXstar K662c GPON ONT/Router compatible with previous standards?

A: Yes. Wi-Fi 6 is compatible with the previous 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wifi 5 standards. Wi-Fi 6  Router/ONT can be used without replacing users devices. But please note the user terminal equipment is required to support 802.11k/802.11v.


Q: How to restore the factory settings of Huawei OptiXstar K662c WIFI 6 Edge Router/ONT?

A: When the K662c is in the power-on status, pls use a needle to press the "reset button" and hold it for more than 2 sec. After all the indicators are off, release it to complete the factory reset operation.


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  1. Spain
    K662 Router & ONT, WiFi 6, new products for us, we must test it, hope sample can get to us soon.
  2. Portugal
    I am interested in K662c which can be used as WIFI 6 GPON ONT or a WIFI 6 Router, one device; double usage.
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