Introduction of NE40E PPPoE IPoE Function License

In Huawei NE40E valued-added license list, there are PPPoE IPoE Function Licenses for NE40E, card and even GE 10GE 100GE port, what is relevance among the three kindly of PPPoE IPoE Function License and is there any use limitations?

PPPoE and IPoE are widely used in the terminal accessing scenario, and below are definition of PPPoE and IPoE.

PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) is a technology that establishes PPP connection over the Ethernet.

IPoE (Internet Protocol over Ethernet) is a method of delivering an IP payload over an Ethernet-based access network or an access network using bridged Ethernet over Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) without using PPPoE.

Below are all PPPoE/IPoE Function Licenses, how to choose these license, are they independent or bundled with each other?

1, NE40E license

NetEngine40E PPPoE/IPoE Function License

2, Card license

NetEngine40E PPPoE/IPoE Function License for LPUF-120

NetEngine40E PPPoE/IPoE Function License for LPUI-120

NetEngine40E PPPoE/IPoE Function License for LPUF-240

NetEngine40E PPPoE/IPoE Function License for LPUI-240

NetEngine40E PPPoE/IPoE Function License for LPUF-480

NetEngine40E PPPoE/IPoE Function License for LPUI-480

3, Service port license

NetEngine40E 100G PPPoE/IPoE Port License (per 100G)

NetEngine40E 10G PPPoE/IPoE Port License (per 10G)

NetEngine40E 1G PPPoE/IPoE Port License (per 1G)

Firstly, if you need use PPPoE/IPoE function on NE40E, NetEngine40E PPPoE/IPoE Function License is required to activate PPPoE/IPoE.

Secondly, service cards (no matter Flexible mother card, daughter card or integrated card) and 100G 40G or GE port on NE40E must support PPPoE/IPoE Function.

Card name silkscreen with letter “E” means that the card itself supports PPPoE/IPoE, no extra license needed; if card name without “E”, relative license is needed to activate PPPoE/IPoE function. For example, LPUF-120 needs NE40E PPPoE/IPoE license for LPUF-120, while LPUF-120-E does not need license.


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If NE40E configured with flexible mother card and daughter card, both are not “E” card, NE40E LPUF and GE 10GE 100GE PPPoE/IPoE licenses all are required.

If NE40E configured with integrated card (no “E”) such as LPUI-240 (integrated with 24*10GE port), NE40E, LPUI-240 and 10G port license are all required.

In a word, in order to realize NE40E system PPPoE/IPoE function, NE40E license is necessary, and make service card and service port all support PPPoE/IPoE or activate PPPoE/IPoE function via relevant license.

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