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PN: 03024086
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OptiX 2500+/Metro 3000 8-port 10M/100M Base-T Ethernet interface board SS61EMT8(RJ45)
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SS61EMT8(RJ45), 8-port 10M/100M Base-T Ethernet interface board, applied to OptiX 2500+/Metro3000.

The EMT8 and EMF8 boards are the interface boards of the EFT board. They are the interfaces for 10M/100M services:

The EMF8 interface board provides 8 optical interfaces, whereas the EMT8 provides 8 electrical ones; the EMT8 and EMF8 interface board are used to access 8 Ethernet services, whereas the EMF4 is used to access 4 Ethernet services.

EMT8 is inserted in the corresponding LTU slots on the back of the subrack.

Support the access of 8x10/100BASE-T Ethernet services. It supports port autosensing as well as full-duplex and half-duplex working modes.

Work with ET1/ET1S/EMS1/EFT/EFS0 Ethernet processing board.


Huawei SS61EMT8(RJ45) is an 8-port 10M/100M interface boards of the EFT board, which can be applied on Huawei OptiX 2500+/Metro3000 and work with ET1/ET1S/EMS1/EFT/EFS0 Ethernet processing board. SS61EMT8 part number is 03024086;



Tech Specs
Boards Supported


Valid Slot
SS61EMT8 can be installed in LTU1-LTU4, LTU9-LTU12 in the subrack of OptiX 2500+(Metro3000).
Ethernet interface unit
100 Mbit/s Ethernet interface board
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions L*W*H(cm) 53*17*5
Weight (kg) 2



Q: What is the major difference between EMF8 and EMT8?

A: The EMF8 interface board provides 8-port optical interfaces, whereas the EMT8 provides 8-port electrical ones.


Q: How to differentiate the application of EMT8/EMF8/EMF4 board to EMS1 and EFS0?

A: The EMS1 and EFS0 boards can access optical signals and electrical signals.

Comparison EMS1 EFS0
Uplink bandwidth 8xVC-4 4xVC-4
Can it access Gigabit Ethernet services? Yes No
Optical interface in the front panel 1x1000 Mbit/s optical interface Null
Interface board EMT8/EMF8/EMF4 EMT8/EMF8/EMF4
Slot IU4a, IU9a IU1–IU4, IU9–IU12


Q: What is the difference among EMT8, EMF8 and EMF4?


Board Description Available Slot Boards Supported
EMT8 8-port 10M/100M Base-T Ethernet interface board LTU1-LTU4, LTU9-LTU12 ET1/ET1S/EMS1/EFT/EFS0
EMF8 8-port 10M/100M Base-FX fast Ethernet interface board LTU1-LTU4, LTU9-LTU12 ET1/ET1S/EMS1/EFT/EFS0
EMF4 4-port 10M/100M Base-FX fast Ethernet interface board LTU1-LTU4, LTU9-LTU12 ET1/ET1S/EMS1/EFT/EFS0
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  1. Ghana
    We have installed EMT8(RJ45) and work perfectly on our OptiX 2500+.
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