Huawei MA5608T

Huawei SmartAX MA5608T GPON OLT, 19 inch, with?2U?height 2?service slots, support EPON, GPON, 10G PON, P2P, xDSL and POTS; H801MABR subrack

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How to Upgrade Huawei MA5600T Series OLT
We take Huawei MA5680T as an example in this article to briefly elaborates the upgrade process of Huawei MA5608T / MA5680T / MA5683T
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Huawei MA5608T GPON OLT H801MABR subrack

Comes with 2 PCS power cable, 1 PCS earth cable, 2 PCS mount ear, accessory package

Huawei MA5608T compatible 2U height GPON OLT system

Chassis supports 2 Service Slots

One power slot, can supply with 2 ports DC redundancy, or AC and DC redundancy (battery)

Two slot redundancy for main control board

Support GPON, EPON and P2P (Optical Access);xDSL and POTS(Copper Access)

Support GPON & EPON simultaneously

Support 8-GPON port interface card GPBD, 16-GPON port interface card GPFD

Support GPON split ration 1:128

Support GE uplink (embedded in MCUD main control board) or 10GE uplink (embedded in MCUD1 main control board)

MA5608T Software Version available at V800R012 or V800R013










Huawei MA5608T is a aggregation Optical Line Terminal (OLT), it supports up to 2 service slots and can support maximum 4096 subscribers (GPON). MA5608T has MCUD/MCUD1 Main Control Board available for selection, and one power slot redundancy for AC or DC power input.Total of 8 bundle line. Besides that, also offers more bundle line, to meet your different requirement on various scenario. In addition, provides self configuration page, where you can configure your own MA5683T by selecting boards and items yourself. With our professional technical support to rich your experience.

Tech Specs
System performance
Backplane bus switching capacity 720 Gbit/s
System L2 packet forwarding rate MCUD/MCUD1: 190Mpps(Active/Standby mode), 380Mpps(Load-sharing mode)
Control board switching capacity MCUD/MCUD1: 128Gbit/s(Active/Standby mode),256Gbit/s(Load-sharing mode)
Switching/Forwarding delay Short forwarding delay: The 100 Mbit/s Ethernet port sends the 64-byte Ethernet packets at a delay shorter than 20 μs.
BER in full load BER of port when transmitting data in full load < 10 e-7
System performance
System Redundant configuration
System availability in typical configuration >99.999%
Mean Time Between Failures (year) ≈45
Maintenance port Number of 10 Mbit/s/100 Mbit/s maintenance Ethernet ports: 1
Number of serial ports for local/remote maintenance: 1
Monitoring port Number of environment monitoring serial ports: 1
Maximum number of ADSL2+ ports in a subrack 128
Maximum number of VDSL2 ports in a subrack 128
Maximum number of EFM SHDSL ports in a subrack 64  NOTE: The MA5608T only supports the EFM SHDSL ports.
Maximum number of TDM SHDSL ports in a subrack 32
Maximum number of POTS ports in a subrack 128
Maximum number of ISDN BRA ports in a subrack 64
Maximum number of ISDN PRA ports in a subrack 64
Maximum number of GPON ports in a subrack 32
Maximum number of 10G GPON ports in a subrack 16
Maximum number of P2P FE ports in a subrack 96
Maximum number of P2P GE ports in a subrack 96
Management ports
Outband management Ethernet port (RJ-45) MCUD/MCUD1
Local serial port (Console) MCUD/MCUD1
Upstream ports
GE optical port MCUD1: 2 Ports Board
MCUD:4 Ports Board
ETHB/SPUF: 8 Ports Board
10GE optical port MCUD1: 2 Ports Board
SPUF: 8 Ports Board
E1 port TOPA: 16 Ports Board
STM-1 upstream optical port TOPA: 2 Ports Board
Service ports
GPON port GPBD/GPBH: 8 Ports Board
GPFD: 16 Ports Board
10G GPON port XGBC: 4 Ports Board
XGBD: 8 Ports Board
P2P GE optical port OPGD/OPGE: Single-fiber bi-directional: 48 Ports Board, Two-fiber bi-directional: 24 Ports Board
P2P FE optical port OPGD/OPGE: Single-fiber bi-directional: 48 Ports Board, Two-fiber bi-directional: 24 Ports Board
Ethernet optical port ETHB: 8 Ports Board
E1 port H802EDTB: 16 Ports Board
ADSL2+ ADPD/ADPM/ADPE : 64 Ports Board
VDSL2 VDRD : 24 Ports Board
VDMF/VCMM : 48 Ports Board
EFM SHDSL SHLM : 16 Ports Board
SHGM : 32 Ports Board
TDM SHDSL H802EDTB: 16 Ports Board
POTS ASPB : 64 Ports Board
ADSL2+&POTS CAME : 48 Ports Board
VDSL2&POTS CVME : 48 Ports Board
CCPE : 64 Ports Board
ISDN BRA DSRD/DSRE :32 Ports Board
Power parameters
Power supply mode DC or AC
Rated voltage DC power supply: -48 V / -60 V
AC power supply: 110 V / 220 V
Working voltage range DC power supply: -38.4 V to -72 V
AC power supply: 100 V to 240 V
Maximum input current DC power supply: 10 A
AC power supply: 6 A
Working environment temperature -40°C to +65°C
Working environment humidity 5% RH to 95% RH
Atmosphere pressure 61 kPa to 106 kPa
Altitude < 4000 m
Device Specifications
Dimensions (W x D x H, excluding mounting brackets) 442mm×244.5mm×88.1mm
Dimensions (W x D x H, including mounting brackets) 535mm×244.5mm×88.1mm, for ETSI cabinet
NOTE:ETSI standard dimension is to add the ETSI mounting bracket on the IEC mounting bracket.
482.6mm×244.5mm×88.1mm, for IEC cabinet
Weight (empty chassis) 3.55KG
Additional information
Weight 9.0 kg
Dimensions 59.0 × 39.0 × 19.0 cm


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Q: What is the difference between MA5608T and other OLT?

A: MA5608T hardware is different from other OLT (MA5680T/MA5683T/MA5600T/MA5603T), such as main control board and power board, only the service board is the same as others, MA5608T suitable for small site.

Q: Do you provide configuration manual to me if we purchase MA5608T from you?

A: Yes, you may contact our sales person to require it after you purchase.

Q: Why doesn’t has uplink board for MA5608T?

A: MA5608T with compact design, there’s no uplink board for it. The main control board MCUD/MCUD1 provides uplink ports.

Q: Can I have 10G as uplink?

A: Yes, instead of Main Control Board MCUD(with GE uplink port), you can purchase Main Control Board MCUD1(with GE and 10GE uplink port), there are two slots for Main Control Board.

Q: Can I use one MCUD and one MCUD1 on a MA5608T to realize both GE and 10GE uplink?

A: No, MCUD and MCUD1 are different main control board, their softwares are different, cannot be compatible with each other.

Q: Can I get technical support from if we purchase MA5608T from you?

A: Yes, has experienced technical team on Huawei FTTx solution,

however, you may need to purchase technical support service from us as by default we only provide one year hardware warranty.

Q: Does MA5608T support AC power?

A: Yes, there are two configuration for MA5608T, DC or AC power board.

Q: What is the other ports on the MPWD for?

A: That is for battery input.

Q: Does the GPON SFP Module included in the bundle?

A: Yes, with GPBD board, 8 B+ SFP Module are included for free.

Q:What is the difference between Main Control Board MCUD and Main Control Board MCUD1?


Board Redundancy
H801MCUD Active/standby mode
Load-sharing mode
× √ (four GE ports: GE0/GE1/GE2/GE3)
H801MCUD1 Active/standby mode
Load-sharing mode
√ (two GE ports:GE0/GE1:two GE/10 GE port:10GE0/GE2 and 10GE1/GE3)

Q: What is the difference between different GPON board?


Board GPON Type Port Quantity Optical Module Maximum Split Ratio ONU based shaping
H802GPBD 1G-GPON 8 SFP (Class B+ and
Class C+)
1:128 No
1G-GPON 8 SFP (Class B+ and
Class C+)
1:128 Yes
1G-GPON 16 SFP (Class B+ and
Class C+)
1:128 Yes
1G-GPON 8 SFP (Class B+ and
Class C+)
1:128 Yes
H802XGBC 10G-GPON 4 XFP 1:128 Yes

Q: Does MA5608T support 10G GPON?

A: Yes, but the bottleneck is the uplink bandwidth.

Q: Can I use a 3rd party ONT with the MA5608T?

A: We don’t suggest so, as the understanding of TR069/OMCI protocol may different between different vendors.

Q: What is the difference between GPON B+ and C+ GPON transceiver?


B+ Module C+ Module
Type One-fiber bi-directional optical module,class B+ One-fiber bi-directional optical module, class C+
Operating Wavelength Tx: 1490 nm
Rx: 1310 nm
Tx: 1490 nm
Rx: 1310 nm
Encapsulation Type SFP SFP
Port Rate Tx: 2.49 Gbit/s
Rx: 1.24 Gbit/s
Tx: 2.49 Gbit/s
Rx: 1.24 Gbit/s
Minimum Output Optical Power 1.50 dBm 3.00 dBm
Maximum Output Optical Power 5.00 dBm 7.00 dBm
Maximum Receiver Sensitivity -28.00 dBm -32.00 dBm
Optical Connector Type SC/PC SC/PC
Optical Fiber Type Single-mode Single-mode
Reach 20.00 km 20.00 km
Overload Optical Power -8.0 dBm -12.0 dBm
Extinction Ratio 8.2 dB 8.2 dB

Q: What is the max transmit distance between GPON OLT and ONT?

A: Max 20KM.

Q:Can I use 1:128 split ratio with B+ SFP Module?

A:Yes, but not suggested, most of out customers even use C+ module, are max using 1:64 split ratio.

Q: Do you also offer FTTH tool and accessories?

A: Yes, as a FTTx solution provider, also we offer FTTx accessories like FTTH tool box, optical splitter, terminal box, patch cord, power system etc.

Reviews (31)

31 reviews for Huawei MA5608T

  1. Furqan

    In the beginning, we had a little configuration issue but once we figured it out everything was fine

  2. Anup

    Not bad, no problems found for the time being

  3. Taylor

    I buy one MA5608T, well packaged and fast deliver.

  4. Vasylenko

    MA5608T is enough to be deployed in the rural areas with few population.

  5. Rogelio

    2U height MA5608T fits well in our current network environment, so I think this product is very good, many thanks.

  6. Hermenegildo

    It does work well for our network.This MA5608T is very powerful, high performance.

  7. Jakub

    The price of MA5608T increased a lot compare with my first order, what is the reason for this market?

  8. Pavel Lazu

    I bought from this seller a lot of time. Very quick shipping, nice quality!

  9. Chris Watson

    I bought from them for 2 years , very reliable company, helped a lot in my project, Thank you!

  10. Francone
    Czech Republic

    Fast delivery and good pre-sale service, the sales recommend me the most-effective MA5608T configuration when ordering, thanks!

  11. Bigdeli

    This MA5608T arrived with full accessories and a test report, which really make me satisfied.

  12. Clancy

    Have searched online for several days, find this one has a relatively lower price and many positive reviews, so I got one MA5608T, no complaints.

  13. Jose

    2U height OLT is suitable for network case just right, and their price is reasonable.

  14. Barbora

    Do I have to buy uplink board for MA5608T if I need 10GE uplink port?

  15. Jose

    2U height OLT is suitable for network case just right, and their price is reasonable.

  16. Clancy

    Have searched online for several days, find this one has a relatively lower price and many positive reviews, so I got one MA5608T, no complaints.

  17. Bigdeli
    United Kingdom (UK)

    This MA5608T arrived with full accessories and a test report, which really make me satisfied.

  18. Francone

    Fast delivery and good pre-sale service, the sales recommend me the most-effective MA5608T configuration when ordering, thanks!

  19. Chris Watson

    I bought from them for 2 years , very reliable company, helped a lot in my project, Thank you!

  20. Pavel Lazu
    Czech Republic

    I bought from this seller a lot of time. Very quick shipping, nice quality!

  21. Yulianto

    This one looks much newer than that one i bought from Alibaba, also help us load our software.

  22. Stefanos

    Their website is easy to order what I need. Very quick and the Optical Line Terminal have a good price and quality. The sales representative follows up my order all the time. Very pleasant to work with them.

  23. Mourad ZOGHBI

    Their team is extremely knowledgeable of the internet equipment and we consider them an reliable partner to our firm. We have no hesitation in recommending their services.

  24. Kassadin
    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    This equipment is better than I bought before, and is cheaper. their sales are very patient.

  25. Calvin

    Great Equipment and received in a few days.

  26. Stiven
    United Kingdom (UK)

    This equipment is over my imagination, I will buy it again if it’s necessary.

  27. Duke

    Perfect, hope you will give me more discount next time.

  28. Mateusz Motyka
    Burkina Faso

    I always disappointed to your delivery.

  29. Luis

    Very happy with Thunder-link.

  30. Crack Man

    The MA5608T arrived on time and is perfect. I’m looking forward to buying more

  31. Dmitriy

    Great OLT quality and fast delivery.
    Sale managers helps a lot in any time. (especially Jessica 🙂

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