Buying a H901CSHF, but actually it is H901FLHF

With FTTx fast development, XGPON and XGSPON become more and more popular these years, XGPON is largely commercial deployed in some areas (both Huawei and ZTE XGPON products are demanded ), while XGSPON is not widely used even in China, only for test, except for Spain and Philippine market. Since in 2021 until now, many internet service providers in Spain requires Huawei MA5800 series OLT with XGSPON board CSHF, a customer’s original feedback is “In our marked there is an increasing interest in XG and XGS equipment”  

Under this situation, demands for XGSPON board H901CSHF exceeds supply, so some suppliers in demotic modify Huawei H901FLHF to H901CSHF and sell them into the market. Hereby we would like tell the story of buying a H901CSHF, but actually it is a H091FLHF after test.

Introduction for H901CSHF and H901CSHF


16-port XGSPON & GPON combo board, can apply to Huawei MA5800 X2 / X7 / X15 / X17 OLT, no need license to realize XGSPON access.


16-port Flex-PON board. It supports GPON, XG(S)-PON, and XG(S)-PON&GPON Combo, works together with the optical network unit, all-in-one board.

But it is GPON and just comes with GPON modules by default, if you need XG(S)-PON, you have to change GPON modules to XG(S)-PON module, most importantly, XG(S)-PON license is required.

Huawei restricts license quite strictly, no suppliers or distributors can acquire XG(S)-PON license, so which available in the market is just H901FLHF with basic GPON modules.

Why you ordered a CSHF board, but maybe it is FLHF when you use it?

H901CSHF and H901FLHF are in same appearance, if ignoring the label on the front panel or the handle bar, two boards cannot to be distinguished physically, so some suppliers modify the labels from FLHF to CSHF and sell to customers as CSHF.


Then how to test and distinguish CSHF and FLHF?

Check “display board” on the OLT, and module output optical power of the boards, XGS-PON&GPON Combo PON Class C+ module optical power range:

GPON Channel: 3~7dBm

XGSPON Channel: 5~8dBm

Test environment:

MA5800 X17, two pieces of CSHF with XGS-PON&GPON modules, one genuine, one fake.

1, Check board name


          display board 0

MA5800 Board

Result: Genuine CSHF in slot 3; fake CSHF in slot 11, it is FLHF.


2, Check optical module TX power



CSHF with XGS-PON&GPON Combo PON Class C+ module test, 2.5G TX power 6.74 dBm, 10G TX power 7.01dBm, all in the power range. So it is real CSHF card. 

Result: it is a real CSHF, 2.5G and 10G TX power are normal





2.5G TX power is 4.8dBm, normal

10G TX power is error code

Result: it is a fake CSHF, 10G TX power are abnormal, it is a FLHF, and no 10GPON license loaded on this board.


CSHF is in limited stock and high price, FLHF without 10GPON license just same function as GPHF, cheaper price, if you bought a CSHF at a very low price, you should double check with your supplier, and let them show you test report. will test all card and GPON board module TX power before deliver, very few customers feedback about OLT or GPON boards cannot work, choosing Thunder-link will make you feel assured and reliable.

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