How to Configure the GPON FTTH Voice Service (H.248 Protocol) on the NMS U2000?

In this article, we will describe how to configure the voice service when a Huawei ONT is connected to a Huawei OLT through a GPON port, and we choose Huawei HG8245H ONT, Huawei MA5800 X15 OLT for examples.

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1. The phones connected to different ONTs can communicate with each other.

2. The ONT obtains an IP address in Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) mode.

Figure 1 

Configuring the GPON FTTH voice service (H.248 protocol).

GPON FTTH voice service.jpg

Data Plan

Table 1 Data plan

Item Data
ONT line profile Profile name: ftth
GEM port ID for voice services: 12
ONT service profile Profile name: ftth

ONT port capability set:


Number of POTS Ports: Adaptive



Number of ETH Ports: Adaptive



Number of CATV Ports: Adaptive


Network topology data Upstream port: 0/19/0
PON port: 0/1/0
VLAN plan Single VLAN tag


S-VLAN ID: 300



S-VLAN type: smart



S-VLAN attribute: common






VLAN translation policy:


ONT: uses the same VLAN configurations and adds C-VLAN tags to packets. All ONTs use the same C-VLAN.



OLT: transparently transmits VLAN (C-VLAN is the same as the planned S-VLAN).


ONT value-added services Profile Name: ONT-VoIP
Service Type: VoIP
Connection Type: Routed
Priority: 5
Signaling Protocol: H.248
IP address of the MGC server:
Port ID of the MGC server: 2944
MID Format: Domain name
MG Domain name: 0100000001
TID: A0 and A1


Implement pre-configurations.

1.Configure a DBA profile.

DBA profile pic.jpg

2.Configure a line profile.

In a line profile, a GEM port can be bound to up to eight service streams. In a GEM port, different GEM connections need to be set up for different service streams.

In this example, the mapping between GEM ports and Huawei HG8245H-side services is implemented through VLANs, and the service streams of each service are mapped to GEM port 1. In addition, different GEM connections are set up for the management VLAN and the VLANs for the Internet, voice, and multicast services.

Line profile pic

3.Configure a service profile.

Set the port capability to adaptive. Then, the system adapts the port capability of an online Huawei HG8245H to its actual capability.

Service profile pic

4.Configure an MEF IP traffic profile.

The profile name is ftth_voip, upstream/downstream traffic rate is not limited, and the priority is 5. Traffic is scheduled based on the priority specified in the profile.

MEF IP traffic profile pic.jpg

5.Configure an S-VLAN on the Huawei MA5800 X15.

The prerequisite for performing operations in the navigation tree is to navigate to the NE Explorer of the Huawei MA5800 X15. To navigate to the NE Explorer of the Huawei MA5800 X15, do as follows: In the Main Topology, double-click the required Huawei MA5800 X15 in the Physical Root navigation tree; or right-click the required Huawei MA5800 X15 and choose NE Explorer from the shortcut menu.

The S-VLAN is used for the voice service.

S-VLAN pic.jpg

Provision services.

1.Add the Huawei HG8245H.

The Huawei HG8245H connects to the GPON port 0/1/0 is Huawei HG8245H 1. The serial number of the Huawei HG8245H is 32303131D659FD40, password is 0100000001, discovery mode for password authentication is once-on, management mode is OMCI, bound Huawei HG8245H line profile name is ftth, and the Huawei HG8245H service profile name is ftth.

Add the Huawei HG8245H.jpg


Huawei HG8245H is used as an example. For other ONTs, set Terminal Type based on practical conditions.

The ONT software version is the same (V3R013C10) for the SIP protocol and H.248 protocol.

2.Add a service port on the Huawei MA5800 X15.

Add a service port on MA5800 X15.jpg

3.Configure and bind a general value-added service (VAS) profile for the Huawei HG8245H.

Configure and bind a VAS profile.jpg


If the upper-layer network requires isolation of media streams from signaling streams, create different traffic streams for the media streams and signaling streams on the OLT. When the packet is forwarded from two WAN ports, the configured VLAN is carried by default. Create a WAN port named WAN-RTP on the ONT, and set this WAN port to a media WAN port. Specifically, choose Interface 1 >RTP and set Associate WAN Interface to WAN2.

4.Bind a general VAS profile.

Bind a general VAS profile.jpg

5.Configure the Huawei HG8245H VAS service.

Configure HG8245H VAS service.jpg


Domain Name is ONT’s domain name registered with the MGC. It is globally unique. MG Domain Name in this example is ONT’s password.

Pay attention to the RTP TID configuration when the ONT is interconnected with a soft switch of other vendors. The terminal IDs A0 and A1 must be consistent with the corresponding configuration on the MGC.

Do not configure Directory Number.


Check whether the telephone functions properly. Connect two common telephones phone 1 and phone 2 to two TEL ports on the Huawei HG8245H and test the dialing between phone 1 and phone 2. In normal cases:

The caller hears the dial tone after taking the phone off the hook.

When the caller dials the telephone number of the callee, the phone of the callee rings successfully, and the caller hears the ring back tone.

The caller and the callee communicate with each other successfully.

After the callee hangs up, the caller hears the busy tone.

Through the above operations, connect the Huawei HG8245H to the Huawei MA5800 X15, we can configure the GPON FTTH voice service on the Huawei NMS U2000, and finally implement the function of calling successfully.

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