How to configure the VoD Service?

As we know, the OLT is connected to the remote bridging ONT through a GPON port to provide users with the VoD service. So how to configuring the VoD Service? Which is a common problem concerned by customers. For example, Huawei OLT MA5683T is connected to Huawei ONT HG8310M to provide users VoD service with the same principle. Let’s see how to achieve this service!


The MA5683T is connected to the BRAS and the program source.

The VLAN of the LAN switch port connected to the MA5683T is the same as the upstream VLAN of the MA5683T.

The configuration processes on HGWs of different models or in different appearances are similar. This topic describes how to configure the Internet access service on an HG239 that is connected to an HG8310M upstream through a LAN.

Data Plan

Item Data
ONT line profile Profile name: ftth
GEM port ID: 13
Traffic profile ID: 8
802.1p priority: 4
CIR: off (unlimited)
Priority-based scheduling policy: local-setting
VLAN Plan Single VLAN tag:

SVLAN ID: 1100

VLAN type: smart

VLAN attribute: common


VLAN translation policy:

ONT: adds CVLAN tags to iTV service packets.

OLT: transparently transmits packets with SVLANs.


Configure the MA5683T.

MA5683T front image.jpg

a. Configure a traffic profile.

Configure traffic profile 8. Set the CIR to off (unlimited), priority to 4, and priority-based scheduling policy to local-setting (that is, queues are scheduled based on the priority specified in the profile).


Run the display traffic table ip command to query the existing traffic profiles in the system. If the existing traffic profiles in the system do not meet the requirements, run the traffic table ip command to add a traffic profile.

huawei(config)#traffic table ip index 8 cir off priority 4 priority-policy local-setting

b. Configure the mapping relationship between a GEM port and a VLAN.

The service flow of user VLAN 1100 is mapped to GEM port 13 in the HG8310M line profile.

huawei(config)#ont-lineprofile gpon profile-name ftth
huawei(config-gpon-lineprofile-1)#gem mapping 13 4 vlan 1100

c. Configure the VLAN of the Ethernet port on the HG8310M.


If the HG8310M is connected to the STB through Ethernet port 2, add Ethernet port 2 to VLAN 1100.

huawei(config)#ont-srvprofile gpon profile-name ftth
huawei(config-gpon-srvprofile-1)#port vlan eth 2 1100

d. Configure the native VLAN of the HG8310M port.

If the HG8310M is connected to the STB through Ethernet port 2, the native VLAN ID is 1100.

huawei(config-if-gpon-0/1)#ont port native-vlan 0 1 eth 2 vlan 1100
huawei(config-if-gpon-0/1)#ont port native-vlan 0 2 eth 2 vlan 1100

e. Create a service VLAN and add an upstream port to it.

Add upstream port 0/19/0 to VLAN 1100.

huawei(config)#vlan 1100 smart
huawei(config)#port vlan 1100 0/19 0

f. Create service flows.

Set the service VLAN to 1100, GEM port ID to 13, and VLAN translation mode to transparent transmission, and use traffic profile 8.
huawei(config)#service-port 3 vlan 1100 gpon 0/1/0 ont 1 gemport 13 rx-cttr 8 tx-cttr 8 tag-transform transparent
huawei(config)#service-port 4 vlan 1100 gpon 0/1/0 ont 2 gemport 1 rx-cttr 8 tx-cttr 8 tag-transform transparent

g. Save the data.


The HG8310M doesn’t need to be configured.

Therefore, you can try to use the equipment you have, such as HG8546M and Huawei OLT MA5680T etc., follow above steps. Hope it will be helpful to you.

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