Huawei MA5800 X2 DC

Huawei SmartAX MA5800 X2 NG OLT, 19inch, with 2U height 2 service slots, 80G throughput per slot, support GPON, 10G PON, 40G/100G PON ready; H901BPSB subrack equipped with 2xH901MPSC, 1xH901PISA

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MA5800 System Test Procedure
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Huawei MA5800 X2 NG OLT H901BPSB subrack equipped with 2xH901MPSC, 1xH901PISA

Comes with 2PCS power cable, 1PCS earth cable, accessory package

Chassis supports 2 service slots, MAX 4096 ONTs

Supports GPON, 10G PON, smoothly evolve to 40G/100G PON

Supports 4*GE/10GE upstream ports embedded in Main Control Board MPSC

Supports 16 port GPON interface card GPHF, GPSF

Supports 8 port 10GPON interface card XGHD, TWED

Support 262143 MAC address, 65536 ARP table

Supports over 8 times MAC address and ARP table more than MA5600T

Supports 1:64 eOTDR

Supports DOCSIS 3.1 standard


V100R017C10 SPH213


V100R018C00 SPH603

V100R018C10 SPH112

V100R019C11 SPH202

V100R019C11 SPH216

V100R019C11 SPH303

V100R019C11 SPH306






Huawei MA5800 X2 is a next generation, 40G capacity Optical line Terminal (OLT), has 2 service slots, each service slot has 200G throughput capacity, smoothly evolve to 40G/100G PON. Support up to 8 times MAC address and ARP table than MA5608T, makes service configuration and expansion more easily.

16 ports GPON service board GPHF, 8 ports 10G PON service board XGHD is recommended service board for MA5800 X2, please contact with sales team for your service ports needed.

Tech Specs
Product Specifications
Switching capacity of the system 480 Gbit/s
Maximum bandwidth per slot H901MPSC: 80 Gbit/s
Maximum number of MAC address 262144
Maximum number of ARP/routing entries 65536
Maximum number of concurrent 4K video users 2000
GPON ports 32
XG-PON ports 32
XGS-GPON ports 16
GE/FE ports 96
10GE ports 16
Cabinet supported N63E-22
Board Supported
Control Board
MPSC It provides 4 GE/10GE upstream transmission ports and supports load sharing. By default, MA5800 connects to upstream network through the control board
Upstream interface board
NXED Enhanced 8-port 10GE upastream interface board, supporting 10GE/GE Ethernet upstream transmission. NXED is used when upstream ports currently provided in MA5800 are not enough.
Service board
GPHF Provides 16 GPON ports for access services
GPSF Provides 16 GPON ports for home access services
XGHD Provides 8 asymmetric 10G GPON ports for access services.
TWED Provides 8 symmetric 10G GPON ports for access services.
EDSH 32-channel E1 upstream board, supporting native TDM mode.
OGHK 48-port aggregated GE/FE optical interface board, supporting up to 48 channels of GE/FE
OXHD 8-port aggregated 10GE optical interface board, supporting GE/10GE Ethernet aggregation.
Power board
PISA Provides -48V DC input
PISB Provides one AC power input and supports battery for power backup.
Fan Monitoring board
FMSA Supplier power to fans; controls and moniotes the fans
(W x D x H) (mm)
2 U high and 19 inch wide442 mm x 268.7 mm x 88.1 mm

Including IEC mounting brackets: 482.6 mm x 268.7 mm x 88.1 mm

Including ETSI mounting brackets: 535 mm x 268.7 mm x 88.1 mm

Maximum weight(including mounting brackets) 9.4 kg
Maximum input current 20 A
Power supply Power supply mode: DC
Working voltage range: -38.4 V to -72 V
Rated voltage: -48 V / -60 V
Ambient temperature -40°C to +65°C The MA5800 can start up at a lowest
The MA5800 can start up at a lowest temperature of -25°C and run at -40°C.
Note:The 65°C temperature refers to the highest temperature measured at the air intake vent of service subrack.
Ambient humidity 5% RH to 95% RH
重量 14.0 kg
尺寸 59.0 × 39.0 × 22.0 cm


Q: What are the system specifications differences among MA5800 series OLT?


Item MA5800-X17 MA5800-X15 MA5800-X7 MA5800-X2
Switching capacity of the control board H901MPLA/H901MPLB: 7 Tbit/s H901MPSC: 480 Gbit/s
Maximum bandwidth per service slot (load sharing mode) H901MPLA: 100 Gbit/s
H901MPLB: 200 Gbit/s
H901MPSC: 80 Gbit/s
Maximum number of concurrent 4K video users 16000 8000 2000


Q: What are the physical specifications differences among MA5800 series OLT?


Item MA5800-X17 MA5800-X15 MA5800-X7 MA5800-X2
Rack type 21inch 19inch
Maximum weight(including mounting brackets) 45kg 35kg 26kg 9.4kg
Maximum input current 60A 40A DC power supply: 20A
AC power supply: 8 A


Q: What are the maximum number of ports in MA5800 series subrack?


Item MA5800-X17 MA5800-X15 MA5800-X7 MA5800-X2
GPON ports 272 240 112 32
10G GPON ports 136 120 56 16
GE/FE ports 816 720 336 32
10GE ports 136 120 56 16
E1 ports 544 480 224 64


Q: What is the great improvement of MA5800?

A: Great improvement:

  • Symmetric 10G GPON (XGS PON): Supports XGS PON , Improves the upstream bandwidth from 2.5G to 10G and enhances symmetric service supporting.
  • ONT energy saving: Supports the ONT sleep mode. Reduces ONU power consumption for environmental protection.
  • 8 times MAC address and ARP table than MA5680T and MA5683T.


Q: Does MA5800 have new typical New Hardware Board?

A: Yes, H901TWED, 8-port symmetric 10G GPON interface board, it works together with the optical network terminal (ONT) to provide 10G GPON access services.


Q: How to configure Ring Check of the MA5800?

A: The Ring Check feature enables the device to send the Ring Check packets periodically and monitors the Ring Check packets received on the user-side, cascade-side, and network-side to detect whether a loop occurs on the network of the carrier. If a loop occurs, the MA5800 deactivates the subscriber port on the loop and reports the corresponding alarm to the NMS. This ensures that the device runs in the normal state and that legal users are not affected.

  • Run the ring check enable command to enable the user-side ring network detection.
  • Run the ring check uplink detection enable command to enable the network-side ring network detection.
  • Run the ring check cascade detection enable command to enable the cascade-side ring network detection.


Q: Why switchover occurs between the active and standby boards?

A: Possible Causes:

  • The active/standby switchover command is manually executed.
  • The original active control board is faulty.
  • The physical port or line on the original active control board is faulty.
  • The active control board is faulty, causing a protective switchover of the system.
  • The clock daughter board of the original control board is faulty.
  • The system performs a periodical switchover.


Q: How many 10 GE ports on MA5800?

A: 8 x 10 GE SFP+ interface or 8 x GE SFP/eSFP interface.


Q: Can MA5800 support 4K video?

A: Each sub-rack supports up to 32K users with 100 Mbit/s of non-blocking bandwidth, letting everyone enjoy seamless 4K video.


Q: Does MA5800 support the Multicast?

A: Yes, it supports Layer 3 multicast networking, also supports IPv4 PIM SSM.

  • Protocol Independent Multicast-Source-Specific Multicast (PIM-SSM) enables a user host to rapidly join a multicast group if the user knows a multicast source address. PIM-SSM sets up a shortest path tree (SPT) from a multicast source to a multicast group, while PIM-SM uses rendezvous points (RPs) to set rendezvous point trees (RPTs). Therefore, PIM-SSM implements a more rapid join function than PIM-SM.
  • Different from the any-source multicast (ASM) model, the SSM model does not need to maintain an RP, construct an RPT, or register a multicast source.
  • The SSM model is based on PIM-SM and IGMPv3. The procedure for setting up a multicast forwarding tree on a PIM-SSM network is similar to the procedure for setting up an SPT on a PIM-SM network. The receiver’s DR, which knows the multicast source address, sends Join messages directly to the source so that multicast data streams can be sent to the receiver’s designated router (DR).


Q: Does MA5800 support the VPLS?

A: The Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS), also called the Transparent LAN Service (TLS) or virtual private switched network service, is a Layer 2 VPN (L2VPN) technology that is based on Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Ethernet technologies.

用户评价 (14)

Huawei MA5800 X2 DC 有 14 个评价

  1. Thomas

    Changing MA5608T to MA5800 X2, MA5800 X2 is really better performance and the configure command lines are the same.

  2. Fernando

    It was factory settings when I received it.

  3. Lizcano

    We use MA5608T all the time, this time I want to test MA5800 X2, because it is new and higher performance.

  4. Maleković

    All are expensive this year, MA5800 X2 GPON board price increased so much, really scared.

  5. Mamadou

    What we need is not just good price, but good and professional supports, do that, they help us to handle MA5800 X2 third-party ONT compatible issues.

  6. Denny

    Works great in our network. But it takes me two weeks to get this OLT, thats too long.

  7. Ignasi

    We recommend you to order Huawei OLT via this company.

  8. Florant

    The MA5800 X2 was installed in remote rural areas with few people, it’s right here.

  9. Jose

    Things look great, MPSC card is new original packed with the test report.

  10. Rossini

    I received my new MA5800 X2 today and I am very happy with it

  11. Pereira

    Second time to buy from Thunder-link, we do not need to worry about the cargo transportation. Their sales account follows up the whole logistics and feedback us very timely, Thanks. Btw,
    is 10G PON board available in MA5800 X2?

  12. Rathod

    Several times MAC address and ARP table than MA5608T,which totally sloved our problem. Next time we plan to buy MA5800 X2 with AC power module directly, because there is cost of a rectifier.

  13. Suarez

    I asked MA5800-X2 with PISB AC power board, but it is not available, so I have to purchase AC to DC power converter.

  14. Emilio Silvesni

    MA5800 X2 is very popular in Argentina market, compared with MA5608T, X2 has much better performance and cheaper price. I will promote this model among my clients vigorously, and hope purchase more units next time.


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