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ZTE ZXA10 C620, the Cheapest 10GPON Solution

With the development of communication services increasing, the bandwidth requirement of subscribers is gradually increasing, more and more subscribers intend to upgrade their GPON network to the 10G GPON network. Well, today we list some 10G GPON solutions for you.


ZXA10 C600 ZXA10 C650 ZXA10 C620
Main Control Board Enhanced SFUL Enhanced SFUL SPUF
Enhanced SFUP Enhanced SFUP
Enhanced SFUH Enhanced SFUH
Enhanced SFUQ Enhanced SFUQ
Switching capacity of backplane bus 14 Tbit/s 6 Tbit/s 1.8 Tbit/s
Switching card switching capacity 3.6 Tbit/s (single switching card) 3.6 Tbit/s (single switching card) 240 Gbit/s (single switch card SPUF)
System switching capacity 7.2Tbit/s 7.2 Tbit/s 480 Gbit/s

ZXA10 C600 8 10GE bundle

PN: 21922379

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ZTE 10G GPON Service Cards:

Interface Type Interface Card Interface Quantity
XG-PON/GPON Enhanced GFBH 16




ZXA10 C320 and ZXA10 C620 are both the small capacity full-service optical access platform, and both provide GPON as well as 10G GPON services, but there’s the performance difference below:

ZTE C620

ZXA10 C320 ZXA10 C620
Main Control Board SMXA/1 SPUF
Switching capacity of backplane bus 520 Gbit/s 1.8 Tbit/s
Switching card switching capacity 128 Gbit/s 240 Gbit/s

ZXA10 C620 Dual 10GE DC

PN: AA9F119F

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From the chart, the main control board of ZTE C620 is unitary, and the switching capacity is much higher than ZTE C320, however, the price is not too much higher, difference less than 10%. Worse, ZTE C320 is almost refurbished in the market, while C620 is brand new.

Huawei 10G GPON OLT:

Item MA5800-X17 MA5800-X15 MA5800-X7 MA5800-X2
Switching capacity of the control board (load sharing mode) MPLA: 3.6 Tbit/s

MPLB: 7 Tbit/s

MPLE: 3.6 Tbit/s (requires license loaded by U2000)

480 Gbit/s
Maximum bandwidth per service slot (load sharing mode) MPLA: 100 Gbit/s

MPLB: 200 Gbit/s

MPLE: 100 Gbit/s (requires license loaded by U2000)

80 Gbit/s
Maximum number of MAC address MPLA/MPLB: 262143

MPLE: 262143 (requires license loaded by U2000)

GPON ports 272 240 112 32
XG-PON ports 272 240 112 32
XGS-PON ports 136 120 56 16

Huawei 10G GPON Service Boards:

XG-PON interface board XGS-PON interface board PON Combo interface board


Huawei MA5800-X2 and ZTE C620, both with 2U height 2 service slots. Compare these two small OLTs, they have the same switching capacity 480 Gbit/s on Huawei MPSA and ZTE SPUF, but the price of ZXA10 C620 OLT is 10% off than MA5800-X2.

And compare the XGPON service boards of both models, the price of ZTE GFBN/GFBT is almost half of Huawei CGHF, it’s a huge price difference, why not consider the ZXA10 C620 OLT as your premium 10G GPON choice?

In conclusion, the most cost-effective 10GPON solution is ZTE ZXA10 C620.

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