Keywords: SSN1SLQ16, MSTP, OptiX OSN 3500 [Problem Description] Trigger condition: 1. The version of an OSN 3500 NE is one of the versions listed […]
Summary: When the active system control board on an NG-SDH product of a version listed in Versions Involved in the preceding […]
Keywords: OptiX OSN 3500/7500/7500 II, ELAN, LAG, PW, UNI, MSTP Summary: When a physical port on a SSN1PEG8, SSN1PEX2, SSN2PEX1, TNN1EG8, TNN1EG16, […]
The SSE3LWF board reports the OTU_LOF alarm when interworking with the SSE1TMR. Product OptiX BWS 1600G Fault Type Equipment Interconnection […]
[Problem Description] Triggering conditions l An NE houses N4GSCC boards. l The NE runs a version involved. l A technician reseats a board without a […]
Summary: When the OptiX OSN 1800II device restarts after power-off, the SCC board reports the HARD_BAD and MOD_COM_FAIL alarms and the […]