Huawei FTTx_Leased_Line_solution
1.1 Abstract By adding parity bits during transmitter coding, the Forward Error Correction (FEC) technology enables the receiver to correct […]
Technical issues for 40G transport such as sensitivity, chromatic dispersion(CD) and polarization dispersion(PD) have been solved, enabling commercial deployment of […]
SSND1PEX2000 is a  2-port 10G Ethernet Switching Processing Board; Part Number03020MTE. SSND1PEX2000 is available in one functional version, namely, N1. 【Problem Summary】PEX1 board […]
Firstly, Eth service is running on MSTP link with virtual concatenation. And it’s configured with LCAS. Customer complains the link […]
GSCC is a system control and communication board with part number 03020DCM. The GSCC is available in 4 functional versions: N1GSCC,  N3GSCC, N4GSCC, N6GSCC. The functions […]
OSN 3500
“I am almost crazy i can’t add OSN3500 Extension subrack cards  due to J9 jumper failure. How can i do?”——Micle Chris The […]
Upgrde the N1SXSCA board to N3PSXCSA failed after NE software upgrde from R8 to R12C00
SSN1SXCSA is a Super Cross-connect and Synchronous Timing Board(Without Extension Host) with Part Number 03030DKF. N3PSXCSA is an OSN 3500-200G TDM and 100G […]
The SSND00EFS411 is a 4-port 10M/100M Fast Ethernet Processing Board with LAN Switch. Part Number: 03020KHU. Compatibility: OSN7500, OSN 3500, OSN 2500, OSN 1500. SSND00EFS411 is available in […]
Huawei optix
All the Node B should be aggregated through RTN with MSTP+equipment at aggregation site and then integrated with RNC through […]