Issue Description In the networking scenario with the WSS or WSD board, the protection switching time may exceed the specification […]
Keywords: MA5616, Access network product line Summary The MxU products use the IPOS protocol stack. After the MxU devices run […]
Keywords: ATN, ATN 950 Summary: An ATN device function as a DHCP relay agent, and base stations of two vendors are connected […]
Keywords: ATN 950B, ARP entry dually-transmitting failure, mixed VPN solution Summary: A timing sequence error occurs when software performs batch backup on an ATN […]
Keywords: ATN 950B, slave main control board, unregistered Summary: On an ATN 950B equipped with the AND2CXPE/AND2CXPA/AND2CXPB boards, software does not […]
Issue Description Description on the flow control of the NG SDH EFT data board. Alarm Information Null Handling Process (1) […]
Issue Description SLQ4 board is hardly fully utilize in slot 1 to slot 4 in OSN 3500 although the slot […]
Issue Description Access Capacity of Slots  of the OptiX OSN 1500 Alarm Information None,   Handling Process None,   Root […]