Issue Description Switch: VRP (R) software, Version 5.120 (S5700 V200R002C00SPC100) Copyright (C) 2000-2015 HUAWEI TECH CO., LTD HUAWEI S5700-28X-PWR-LI-AC Routing […]
Issue Description Hello everyone, I want to present a quite interesting scenario that you might find helpful sometime. How about […]
Issue Description none Alarm Information none Handling Process <Quidway> system-view [Quidway] interface gigabitethernet 0/0/1 [Quidway-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] display this # interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1 […]
Issue Description Q: The satellite card of the SRCU board of the BITS V3 is a sub-card. If the satellite […]
Keywords: MA5600T, Access network Summary:  If an H801ESCA0 board (BOM number: 03030BYR) of a version earlier than VER.D is installed in […]
Keywords: MA5616, Access network product line Summary In MA5616 V800R312 equipped with an H831CCUB or H831CCUC control board, if data […]
Issue Description Q: IPMB, PVMB, PVMD, CSRB, DSL, SDLE, SDLB, EDTB, ASL, TSSB boards, they are short name of UA5000 […]
Issue Description Q: What is the requirement for the configuration specifications of the committed burst size (CBS) and peak burst size (PBS) when the MA5680TV800R006C002 HG series ONU Ethernet ports limit the upstream/downstream rate through a traffic profile? Alarm Information Null Handling Process A: 1. The function of restriction check is added to the V800R006C02. The maximum specification supported by the EPBA CBS/PBS is 65535. The maximum specification supported by the EPBC and EPBD CBS/PBS is 1024000. 2. If the upstream/downstream rate is limited in a service profile by running the port eth ont-portid ds-policing traffic-table-index or port eth ont-portid up-policing traffic-table-index command, note that the CBS and PBS in the traffic profile must comply with the restriction of the preceding specifications. Otherwise, the following prompt appears: MA5680T(config-if-epon-0/1)#  ont add 0 mac-auth 001F-A451-E3B3 oam ont-lineprofile-id 21 […]