Upgrde the N1SXSCA board to N3PSXCSA failed after NE software upgrde from R8 to R12C00

Fail to Upgrde the N1SXCSA board to N3PSXCSA after NE software upgrde from R8 to R12C00

SSN1SXCSA is a Super Cross-connect and Synchronous Timing Board(Without Extension Host) with Part Number 03030DKF.

N3PSXCSA is an OSN 3500-200G TDM and 100G Packet Switching and Synchronous Timing Board with Part Number 03021ARY. The Version Description of SSN3PSXCSA is available in the following functional versions: N3PSXCSA, N1PSXCS and N2PSXCSA. The N1PSXCS and N2PSXCSA are discontinued.

Site engineer upgrde from R8C02SPC200 to R12COOSPC102+SPH103 smoothly, accordingly, upgrde the N1SXSCA board to N3PSXCSA. But it is failed when site engineer deleted the N1SXSCA board to replace N3PSXCSA. The error code(38667) of snap is following:

Upgrde the N1SXSCA board to N3PSXCSA failed after NE software upgrde from R8 to R12C00

1, Query the cross-connection board DPS status, we found that there are no DPS relationship in cross-coonection.
2, insert the old cross-connection board and GSCC board to rollabck, and feedback the collecting data in full mode to HQ analyze.1, after analyze, expert find that the software has one bug, the software will create two DPSmanager after upgrde from R8/R10 to R12C00 and all sub-version. But it cannot create new DPS protection group when delete the original cross-connection board. So the DPS proection group is invalid. Then the substitution of  cross-connection was failed. 1, The site running GSCC were two N1GSCC. the version is R8C02SPC200.And two SSN3PSXCSA.( the versoin can be R11 or R12).
2,The new GSCC is two N6GSCC(R12C00SPC102+SPH103),let site engineer degrade one N6GSCC to R11C00SPC300.( it is convenient to rollback)
3,Two SSN1SCXSA run in site NE.
4,Replace the standby N1GSCC to N6GSCC(R11C00SPC300 version).
5,Synchronize the databse from master to standby GSCC using DC tools.
6,Switch GSCC, let the N6GSCC to be master GSCC.
7,Pull out standby GSCC(N1GSCC), and backup databse using NMS.
8,Check the NE has no abnormal status, pull out the N1SXSCA, and insert SSN3PSXCSA, and configure as SSN2PSXCSA.(in R11C00 version and all sub-version just support configuring as SSN2PSXCSA)
9,After about 5 minutes, trigger cross-connection switching.
10,Replace current standby cross-connection board N1SXSCA to SSN2PSXCSA.
11,Upgrde master N6GSCC to V200R12C00SPC102+SPH103 version.
12,After master N6GSCC one line , insert another N6GSCC(V200R12C00SPC102+SPH103) in standby slot.
13,Replace current standby cross-connection board  from SSN2PSXCSA to SSN3PSXCSA.(after R12 version and all sub-version just support configuring as SSN3PSXCSA)
14,Trigger cross-connection board switching.
15, Replace current standby cross-connection board  from SSN2PSXCSA to SSN3PSXCSA.
16, Soft reset standby cross-connection board.
17, After the standby cross-connection board online, soft reset master cross-connection board.
18, After master cross-connection board online, upgrde all NE using stimulation pakge. And here, please eliminate GSCC because the two N6GSCC have already upgrded.Becuase it can save the time of upgrding N6GSCC.

1, Upgrade from R8/R10 to R12C00 and sub-version, and replace the cross-connection board, we have to first upgrde to R11C00 and sub version( suggest to  use R11C00SPC300), the upgrde guidancewill be modified in supporting website.
2, If upgrade failed using above solution becuase some abnormal cause, we can insert the original N1GSCC and SSN1SXCSA board to rollback.


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