XFP not supporting FC800 services OSN8800 TN55TQX

TN55TQX card in general supports various service types including STM-64, OC192, 10GE, FC800, FC1200 or OTU2. However there are dedicated XFP modules (BOMs) for different services. Unfortunately U2000 does not alert or notify when user creates service with wrong XFP type. Moreover many XFPs will actually work although wrong service type is created. For example customer ordered several TQX cards equipped with: 10GE/STM64 dedicated XFPs (BOM 34060313), and FC800 dedicated XFPs (BOM 34060658). However XFPs arrived distributed randomly and customer didn’t pay attention to verify XFP type while creating services. Unexpectedly most services ware working although wrong XFP BOMs were used. Eventually one of the FC800 services failed and after investigation XFPs mismatch across the network has been discovered on OSN 8800.

Software version OSN 8800 V100R007C02SPC200

iManager U2000 V100R008C00SPC300

The following XFP types have been delivered to the customer:

BOM 34060313 (dedicated for STM64/10GE):

–          FTLX1412M3BCL(also working when FC800 configured)

–          FTLX1413M3BCL-HW (also working when FC800 configured)

–          SXP3104NV-H1

–          TRF5013FN-GA420

–          TRF5015FN-GA420

BOM 34060658 (dedicated for FC800 services):

–          PT745F-81-1D (also working when 10GE or STM64 configured)

The problem with XFP mismatch has been discovered when FC800 service was created with XFP SXP3104NV-H1 type.  U2000 didn’t rapport any problems although the far end equipment reported link down. The issue has been resolved by relocating XFPs across the network to get dedicated XFPs for all relevant services.Wrong XFP types were used when crating FC800 serviceXFP modules relocation

Although some XFP types can work even when incorrect service type is created, this configuration is not recommended or supported by Huawei transport network. There is no guarantee this configuration is stable, and under certain conditions errors might occur.