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Cautions for the HP_RDI Alarm on OptiX OSN9500

[Problem Description] Trigger conditions: Versions in which lower order services access to the 1+1 liner MS are upgraded. Symptom: After the upgrade is complete, the HP-RDI alarm is detected on the downstream devices that are in the 1+1 linear MSP group with OptiX OSN9500. Identification method: 1. The source version  is V100R003 or V100R004. 2.… Read More »


How to Solve the OptiX OSN 9500 (Cross-Connect Board) Service Interruption Problem

Abstract When the SCC board delivers the information about synchronous configuration interruption events for two consecutive times within a short time, the working and protection pages of the cross-connect chip on the cross-connect board may be inconsistent with each other in certain cases. As a result, the services are interrupted, and the downstream equipment reports the… Read More »

Cautions of Insufficient OSN 8800 Cross-connect Capacity on the U2000

Summary: A U2000 earlier than V100R006C02 can properly manage cross-connect capacity subracks of the OSN 8800. After it is upgraded to the U2000 V100R006C02 or a later version, an alarm is generated indicating insufficient number of license items for subracks with a certain type of cross-connect capacity. 1.2 [Problem Description] On the U2000 V100R006C02 and… Read More »

What results the CES Service Down

Customers use analyzer to test CES service on OSN3500, using typical networking and configuration. They found that the analyzer report one alarm every 49 or 50 minutes. CES service was down in a fixed time interval. That is a typical problem caused by clock not synchronized. It can be confirmed by the following two aspects. 1. Enable… Read More »

Do you know the limitaiton of Huawei N3EAS2

  Site engineer found the N3EAS2 can only show 17 VCTRUNCK in Ethernet interface But there are 34 VCTRUNCK in link Aggregation location.   NMS version: V100R006C02SPC200   OSN3500 version: V1R10C02SPC100 The following is snap of just showing 17 VCTRUNCK: The following is the snap of showing 34 VCTRUNCK in link Aggregation location: 1.Query the V1R10C02SPC100 product document… Read More »

Have you ever meet the problem Single End SNCP switching failed?

Problem was reported by customer  that service interruption observed after fiber cut between NE-1565 & NE-1567. All the interrupted services were configured as SNCP and having the protection paths. SNCP services are configured on NE-1567 and NE-6. See diagrams attached. OSN 7500 and OSN 3500 equipments software Version is V1R8 are involved. UP_E1_AIS alarms were… Read More »

Do you know when reporting the error to activate basic bios ?

NE cross version is much lower than the host version,so the software needs to be upgraded of cross. Host version: Cross version information:     Software Version: 1.17 ;     BIOS Version: 2.13 Upgrade instructions in accordance with the requirements, the board must first uppgrade basic bios. But after loading the finished basic bios software, issued… Read More »