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Be Aware of SSN4SL64 Board ID on MSTP Products

Summary: Due to incorrect uploading of image files, the ID of an SSN4SL64 board of Ver.C fails to be recognized after a power-on, resulting in a board failure to start up. SSN4SL64 boards of Ver.C must be rectified. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: Problematic SSN4SL64 boards of Ver.C were manufactured between May 20 and July 24… Read More »


Troubleshoot Link STM-64 using BPA and DCU in OSN 7500II

Background How to troubleshoot link STM-64 in Huawei transmission equipment OSN 7500II using BPA and DCU because although have followed the theory guidance about power input range below , but there always find alarms B2_SD, B1_SD_B2_EXC, MS_RDI, R_LOF appears in its link (by NMS U2000) Link information and BPA specification1. Link : STM-64 2. Board : SLD64 3. Distance :… Read More »

Whether you are suffering NE conected to SLD64 board lost synchronization source?

Huawei SLD64 is a 2xSTM-64 Optical Interface Board with Compatibility OSN7500, OSN3500. Huawei  SLD64 is available in the following functional versions: N1SLD64 and N4SLD64. NE A and NE B are OSN 3500. NE B is V100R008C02SPC200 version. – SSN1SL64 board of NE A is connected to SSN4SLD64 board of NE B, – NE B belongs to a MSP… Read More »

Have you ever headache with SL64 board COMMUN_FAIL alarm appear and board soft reset?

SL64 is a STM-64 Optical Interface Board, The SL64 is available in the following functional versions: N4, N2 and N1.The SSN2SL64(Ls-64.2,LC) is discontinued. The functions provided by the functional versions are different.   In OSN 3500 running with version V100R008C02 On SL64 alarm appear COMMU_FAIL and after runnig the command “errlog” (To check if the GSCC reset… Read More »