Huawei is becoming the biggest smart devices supplier in CHINA

Since May 2014, Zhu Ping officially took up the post of President of Huawei Consumer Business Group in China, and took whole responsibility for related work of Consumer Business in China.

At the beginning of this year, Huawei established its goal of 80 million shipments of smart devices in 2014, although it’s only a short time after his inauguration, Huawei Device Department in China handed over a delightful answer in the first half of year. According to Zhu Ping’s introduction, Huawei Device Department in China sold more than 20 million smart devices and the revenue reached CNY 12.5 billion during 1H2014.

In the interview with china media, Zhu Ping said about the current development situation of 4G,”4G in China is still in its early development stages, Huawei is committed to become the leading brand in China in the 4G era, but not blindly in the pursuit of market share, especially in the present stage, Huawei is more adhere to the quality strategy, and launch new products according to the consumers’ expectations of 4G devices timely. In fact, with the accelerating process of 4G technology, Huawei is ready for its products, and will launch a series of excellent 4G devices in the next phases.”

Zhu Ping also pointed out the goal of Huawei devices in the future: “Huawei’ target is becoming consumers’ preferred international brand in China when they choose a mobile phone.”


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