OSN 6800
If you have to replace a SCC unit in OSN6800 but you do not have a new spare part board, frist you should  initiate the database by four DIP switches. Hold the SCC showing with his front to the left and you will find the DIP switch “SW1” is in the upper left corner  located. “0000” = Setting the software to normal running status. “1011” = Database will be deleted and will stay in BIOS status 1) Plug out the board which you want to use as spare part and check if SW1 is “0000” 2) Change the DIP switch to “1011” and insert the SCC again in its OSN 6800 3) After you insert the SCC into the NE, you will see that the fan speed will become slower and board software status  indicator (PROG) become green color (blinking  slowly), all other indicators are off (POWER is on too). It will take some minutes during the SCC board erases the […]
Huawei DWDM OSN 6800 OSN8800 OUT board includes OTN Transponder board like LSX LOG, OTN Line board llike ND2, NQ2, […]
The OptiX OSN 6800 V100R003 system is used in a new site. In the ROADM network comprising the WSD9 and […]
Huawei OSN8800
Issue Description For X customer, we are implementing a metropolitan NG WDM network with OSN8800 and OSN6800 equipment. We are […]
Huawei OSN 6800
Summary: The debugging information of the license module of the software of SCC boards is accumulated in the flash memory, […]