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LSR_WILL_DIE Alarm of the WDM OTU Board Caused by Bookham Laser

Abstract: The 10G optical transponder unit (OTU) boards that are delivered before August 2011 use the Bookham laser on the WDM (OptiX BWS 1600G, BWS 1600S, Metro 6100,OptiX OSN 8800,OSN6800)side. After the boards have worked for one and half a year, the LSR_WILL_DIE alarm was reported on the WDM side for 0.43% of boards, and the alarm… Read More »


Notice on Full Flash Memory of SCC Board Due to Defects License of OSN6800&OSN8800

Summary: The debugging information of the license module of the software of SCC boards is accumulated in the flash memory, causing that the flash memory exhausts. As a result, the storage of configuration data and database backup data is affected. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: The NE is OptiX OSN 6800 V100R005C00SPC700( or OptiX OSN 6800… Read More »