AR Router
AR1220 as core node whose ike peer did not configure remote-address cannot add ipsec policy, How does AR1220 configure aggressive […]
Abstract This topic illustrates on BGP L3VPN connectivity failed due to license activation issue on NE40E.   Issue Description Customer […]
Abstract When we try to upgrade the patch  v600r008sph065-100 on Ne40E-X8 Huawei router but the patch on the LPU fails […]
Issue Description Networking: CPOS interface of NE40-OSN-3G NODEB NE40 obtains the clock from OSN and NODEB obtains the clock from NE40. 1. After the transmission OSN and the optical interface of NE40 are connected,     there is pointer adjustment alarm on transmission network management. 2. NODEB on CPOS interface of NE40 cannot obtain the clock. 3. The clock mode and clock source of NE40 are incorrect.          Current source: 0           Clock is in hold mode   […]
Abstract To establish an IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel, you need to configure both the IPv4 protocol suite and the IPv6 […]
Issue Description When we tried to activate the license for Huawei NE40E-X3 router that was downloaded in format .xml, we […]
Huawei ME60
As network services are developing rapidly, the access layer of the MAN or mobile bearer network houses more devices with […]
Issue Description After upgraded from V600R001 to V600R003, the Huawei NE40E-X16 cannot establish a BGP peer relationship with an competing […]
Issue Description The issue happened in NE20E-S8 device. When Active Directory user access to the device by ssh it has not correct privileges. For example, when run command ”system-view”, appears next message: However local users are working fine.   Handling Process 1.Access to device with local user to check current configuration and AD users permissions. <EPM-EDIN-BH-01>display access-user domain default_admin   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------   UserID     Username                Interface      IP […]
Issue Description Device model: Huawei NE20E-S8 Software version: V800R007C10SPC100 Symptom: The PIC subcard fails in registration.   Handling Process Check […]